Week of 2.16.15 :: Indie * Aviation and the War - Glass Bottom Boat

What's the second best genre descriptor for this week's #TryThis artist, Aviation and the War

I want to say that AATW is Indie Rock/Alternative, but the second half of the band's debut album Haste (2014) definitely has a lighter, more acoustic feel. Is Indie-Acoustic even a thing? I am tempted to say that they might be Indie-Pop, but there's a darker undertone mixed in there that you don't necessarily find in pop music nowadays. I sat listening to the duo's album, and vocally, my mind went to Teddy Geiger or Parachute during acoustic songs like "Child's Play" and "Familiar Dark". But throughout songs like "Dwellers", "Glass Bottom Boat", and "Haste", a grittier sound comes out of Matt Buenger (vocals, guitar, keys), more akin to Mike Golden & Friends or even David Ford

I'll settle for now on saying that Aviation and the War is simply just "indie", but there's a lot more depth to this Chicago band, made up of Matt Buenger and Joe Christopoulos  (drums). They certainly have the vocals to captivate listeners during slower songs like "Above The Earth", but don't pigeonhole them into only being strong acoustic balladeers. Aviation and the War has a well-polished alternative sound as well, and a ridiculous amount of potential for a band that's just beginning - I'd be surprised if their talent goes unnoticed. 

These two are self-produced and self-managed, and hopefully will be playing more shows around Chicago - I'd love to check them out, that's for sure. For now, their Facebook page says March 19 at Abbey Pub is their next gig. Check them out on SoundCloud or SpotifyEnjoy!

Cover photo courtesy of Aviation and the War's Facebook page

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