Week of 9.1.14 :: Electronic * Troye Sivan - Touch

This is a good mix for 1. being high and/or 2. being drunk and/or 3. needing to zen out 4. with volume turned up and headphones in. I've been feeling a bit lost lately..and this song is good for getting lost in.

Sidenote - Troye is from South Africa and maybe more widely known for being an actor and YouTuber.

His latest EP entitled "TRXYE" is five songs and reached #1 on iTunes in several countries. The other popular track from his EP is called "Happy Little Pill". And oh yeah, he's only 19. Enjoy!

"Standing in the eye of the storm//my eyes start to roll to the curl of your lips
In the center of eclipse//In total darkness I reach out and touch.."

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