Week of 8.25.14 :: Folktronica * Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

It took so much willpower to not share this band until today!! Milky Chance is a folk/pop/electronic duo (with some soulful reggae sounds thrown in there) from Kassel, Germany, made up of Clemens Rehbein (vocals/guitar) and Philip Dausch (DJ). They are SUPER interesting - after meeting in 11th grade, they immediately clicked and released their first self-produced album, Sadnecessary, in 2013 on their own label, Lichtdicht Records. They only played two shows before deciding to record a full-length studio album, and used only a "rudimentary interface, microphone, and computer". This duo has promoted and toured entirely on their own, and their YouTube video for "Stolen Dance" went viral and has over 60 million views.

They mix folk and acoustic sounds with genius beats that result in the perfect blend of dance-able and chill-able songs. And on top of it all, they sing in English!

I hope they come to the US at some point - they are really unique and sound like they put on a great live show as well!

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