FYMS * Jason Mraz is (finally) coming to Chicago!

YES! (pun intended). 

Jason Mraz is finally going full-force on tour for his latest album (#5), Yes!, which dropped July 15. And because this is his first "purely acoustic" studio album (let's ignore his live albums for a minute), Jason will be touring the more intimate venues of the US. He is stopping in Chicago for TWO nights, November 7 & 8, accompanied by the all-girl band Raining Jane (I'm trying my hardest to keep an open mind about them, honest). Are you excited?! 

While he might not be listed as playing at Schubas, you better believe I will be hanging out at the bar that weekend, in hopes that he might return to his so-called "favorite place in the world". Want to know a secret? The fact that Jason Mraz dubbed Schubas his fave spot is probably 90% of the reason why I too love it so much (and the reason I started going there in the first place).

November can't come soon enough.  >> http://jasonmraz.com/tour/ <<


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