Step 1

Find a band or musician that you love, and get tickets to see them live!

YouTube or Spotify is great, but nothing compares to live music.

Step 2

Bring your cell phone (or better yet, a camera!) with you to the concert…but take it out ONLY when you absolutely need to.

Stop spending the night watching the show through your cell phone and enjoy the moment instead. If everyone in the audience takes 1 or 2 great photos and shares them with us, you’ll walk away with a completely unique photo album from a concert where you actually got to dance, move around, and experience the show.

Step 3

Send us your best content by following us @freeyourmusicsoul on Instagram AND tag us using #FYMS or #freeyourmusicsoul.

We will pull together only the best content from the concert, shared to us by others who were probably standing right next to you.

[Private account? No worries - just send us a DM with your photo and handle to be featured.]

It sounds easy, right? That’s because it is!

So what’s in it for me?

  1. Experience and enjoy your time at the concert - without your phone in hand. You'll be surprised at how much more fun you can have when you aren’t worried about the photos that you need to take.

  2. Relive the moment from all angles! We'll gather and curate only the best content from the show on Instagram, sent to us by your fellow concert-goers.

  • If you're a photographer, we'll help you grow your followers.

  • If you're a band, you'll love seeing less phones staring back at you from the crowd.

  • If you're just an avid live music lover, spend less time worrying about capturing the content and just enjoy the show!

Stop experiencing a concert through your phone. Live in the moment. Enjoy the music. We’ll find all of the best photos and videos for you.

find and follow us: @freeyourmusicsoul

tag: #FYMS or #freeyourmusicsoul