so…how does this work?

PART 1: Photo or it didn’t count


YouTube or Spotify is great, but nothing compares to live music.


Stop watching the show through your cell phone and live in the moment instead!


We will pull together only the best content from the concert, shared to us by others who were probably standing right next to you the whole time.

[private account? send us an email at with your desired photo cred]

PART 2: The Show Cards

For selected shows, there will be a post-show SURVEY for those who attended and tagged us on Instagram using #FYMS or @freeyourmusicsoul. You will be sent a link to a quick, 10 minute survey, which will ask you questions about the overall show.

Was it your first time seeing this artist? Did you like the venue? What was your favorite song of the night? We want to know what you thought of the concert.

FYMS will compile the results and put together a quick recap, aka Show Card, for others to use as a reference to find the BEST of the BEST in live music!

example show card based on survey results

example show card based on survey results


what’s in it for me?

  • Experience and enjoy your time at the concert - without your phone in hand. We live in a crazy, strange world centered around cell phones and social media. But you might be surprised at how much more fun you can have when you aren’t worried about capturing it all perfectly for your social media accounts.

  • Relive the moment from all angles! We'll gather and curate only the best content from the show on Instagram, sent to us by others at the show.

Live in the moment. Enjoy the music. We’ll find all of the best photos and videos for you.